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Winterdyne Commission Modelling offers consistent, high quality, commission paintwork, sculpting, conversion and modelmaking services, together with publication-standard photography of finished pieces.


Since starting up in 2009, we've completed many pieces of work for a number of firms, including Mantic Games, Spiral Arm Studios and Anvil Industries, with both Mantic and Spiral Arm using photos provided by us in their promotional activities. We also of course do work for private individuals with a client base stretching worldwide including New Zealand, Singapore and the USA.


We take pride in producing high standard work, with great turnaround times, at very competitive prices.


As well as high quality paintwork, our services include waterslide decal design, 3d design and traditional sculpting and modelmaking as well as diorama production.


We believe that getting the clients vision realised is a cornerstone of the services we offer - If you have an idea, we can make it; we're great at 'running with the ball', turning even vague ideas into awesome miniatures.



Our growing range of 3d printed products is now available to buy via our webshop. We can of course produce customised or adjusted variants of our product line, or entirely new products as a commission.


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Pricing for work is specified on per-job basis, with turnaround time, standard of finish, complexity of the paintjob etc all being contributing factors.


As such, the examples below should be taken as a 'rule of thumb' only, but are about the minimum you should expect to pay.


We are quite used to evaluating and working to production budgets and timescales - tell us what you want to spend, in what time, and we can work out a specification for work that fits those requirements. Even if we can't do everything you want, we can tell you why, and help you get the best result you can with the resources and time you have available.


The quoting and evaluation process is free and easy and all done via email, so both parties have a full record of what's been agreed.


Once a quote is issued and the deposit paid, the price is fixed, barring any major changes to the agreed specification.


Pricing below is work to 'high end tabletop' standard. This is sufficient for model box-art and promotional material for most miniatures.


Prices include assembly, basing, varnish, unit markings.




'Character' Single Model, 28-32mm - £65


'Skirmish' / 'Cavalry' 5 Models min, 28-32mm - £250 per 5


'Unit' 10 Models min, 28-32mm - £250 per 10


'Tank' Single Model, 28-32mm - £200





In general, we operate on a first-in, first-out principle, with booked jobs being completed in the order that deposits are paid in. Unstarted private (individual) bookings can be dropped down schedule in favour of commercial (company) bookings with a required deadline.


A turnaround estimate is given at the time the quote is generated. The majority of jobs are completed before this estimate, providing no changes are made to the specification of the job. Where it's known that a commercial booking is due that may impact turnaround, this will be mentioned when we discuss a quote.



We use a 2 payment structure.


The first, opening payment is a deposit for work to be done (typically 20%) and the cost of any required materials or models should we be purchasing them on the client's behalf.


The second, closing payment is the remaining balance for the work done and the P&P to the client, as well as any additional materials that were required due to changes in the specification of the job.


We can accept payment via PayPal or direct bank transfer.




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